[2004] The PEEFs CD/LP [order]
[2002] Knockout to Dispense CD [order]
[2002] Airport Transit Guide b/w Snowbound 7-inch [out of print]
[2001] The Antiphony CD [order]
[1999] Queen of the Gravity Urge b/w Tranquility Base 7-inch [order]
[1999] Ratcheting Down the Melancholic Afterbeat; a Novel CD [order]
[1999] The Swiss Admiral EP [order]
[1998] Revolutionary Hydra/ Death Cab For Cutie 7-inch [out of print]
[1998] Hiss Inclusive cassette [out of print]
[1997] Tidbits of Etcetera cassette [out of print]
[1997] Pacer vs. Hydra cassette [out of print]
[1997] The Left-Handed Scissors Incident casette [out of print]

[site] http://revolutionaryhydra.com

   "With a ridiculous bio that explains that the band was formed in Switzerland in the year 1895, remarkably baffling lyrics, and a seemingly rotating cast of characters and voices, the Revolutionary Hydra have successfully constructed a huge wall of mystery that stands tall in front of them." - basement-life.com

[2006] Farm and Swim CD/LP [order]
[2004] We're Bicostal CD/LP [order]
[2002] Vitamins & Calcium = Heatlth & Happiness CD [order]
[2000] Return from Uzhgorod - Cassette [out of print]
[2000] Rat Cat Hogan with Friends - CDR [out of print]
[1999] Rat Cat Hogan - 7-inch [out of print]
[1999] Our Apologies to Walla - CDR [out of print]
[1998] Don't Call Me Twaddy - Cassette [out of print]
[1998] Demos 1&2 - Cassette [out of print]
[1998] Eet Ees Too Koldt To Go Svimmink Double-Cassette [out of print]

[site] http://skrockirecords.com/bands.html

   "In the fall of 1997, I put an ad in The Rocket, a now defuct music publication in Seattle, Washington, looking for a drummer. Exactly one drummer answered that ad, the fugitive Iowan Robbie Skrocki. A few weeks later we were Rat Cat Hogan, and we thus we've been ever since, more or less." - Herbert Bergel

[2004] Come Sit By the Lake Tonight CD [order]
[2000] How To Move a Piano CD [order]
[1999] Saggitarius CD [order]

[site] http://skinnychest.com/

   "People always ask me: Can we dance to you? Do you play covers? I never have the right answers for them." - Dave Hamma

[2003] Mount Eerie CD [order]
[2003] Song Islands CD [order]
[2001] The Glow Pt. 2 CD [order]
[2000] It Was Hot, We Stayed in the Water CD [order]
[2000] Don't Wake Me Up CD [order]
[1999] Tests CD [order]

[site] http://www.krecs.com/html/artists/artistbio.php?interest=24

   "These are songs that stretch out and yawn, burp, shiver, go back to sleep, wake again wide-eyed and brittle, and saunter hands-in-pockets alone at 2AM." - Jason Cherkis, Washington City Paper

[2001] Thiftstore Days, Biccardi Nights CD [order]
[1999] Candied Candide - Cassette [out of print]

[site] http://www.seanet.com/~willtre/leisure_world_web/lw_index.html

   Taking notes from the Leonard Cohen school of songsmithing, LW orbit the melancholia and narrow in on your skull. File under: cranium-pop.

[2001] Herbert Matthews Goes To the Sierra CDR-EP [out of print]

[site] http://www.printersdevil.org/

   "Herbert Bergel's witty lyrics and lively score make it very hard indeed for anyone in the audience to keep from smiling, laughing, or groaning out loud at the eye-rollingly corny jokes." - The Stranger

[2002] All-Time Quarterback S/T Re-Issued CD [order]
[1999] All-Time Quarterback S/T CD-EP [out of print]
[1999] The Envelope Sessions cassette [out of print]

[site] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C2%A1All-Time_Quarterback!

   " I could praise this record all day long, and wish I had the chance because it really deserves it. Gibbard shines brightly throughout on this less well-known but equally worthy dose of beautiful pop!" - Adequacy.net

[2003] Transatlanticism CD/LP [order]
[2002] You Can Play These Songs With Chords CD [order]
[2002] The Stability EP CD-EP [order]
[2001] The Photo Album CD/LP [order]
[2000] The Forbidden Love EP CD-EP [order]
[2000] We Have the Facts, and We're Voting Yes CD/LP [order]
[1998] Something About Airplanes CD/LP [order]
[1998] Your Bruise 7-inch [out of print]
[1997] You Can Play These Songs With Chords cassette [out of print]

[site] http://deathcabforcutie.com/

   "The worst thing about your band is the music. Beyond that, you're a couple of jerks." - Anonymous letter sent to DCfC in 1998.